What steps are taken by feel and share charitable trust so that the donations goes in right hands, for the right cause?

Our members identify & evaluate any non-profit organisations, orphanages or individuals who are in need of help and support in kind and logistics. We try to understand their urgent needs and immediate requirements, whether they are already funded by the government or political bodies, if yes we further investigate for full delivery of that fund to the particular organisation and then at the general member meeting discuss the measures to support them. Once our members identify the right people or organisation to go with we send a bulk electronic communication across our mailing list of volunteers and donors whom we know or who are in our network since years and motivating us to do something good for the society. This communication contains the details of the individual, village or organisation etc. agreed upon to support in full faith and kind.

Can anyone join or participate in any of the donation drive or support activities conducted by feel and share trust?

Yes, anyone can join and participate in feel and share charitable trust ongoing donation drives and other support activities.

If I donate or contribute some fund, goods and articles in activities conducted by feel and share trust, and cannot attend for some reason, will I get the report where and how my donations are used?

Yes, feel and share charitable trust follows the model of transparency between donors and its members, we intend that every donation coming to us should be accounted and documented for, all future references. We send out a detailed report via email of all expenses incurred in logistics and purchases, in terms of goods, articles etc to any individual or organisation as and when requested.

Where and how can I donate my support to feel and share charitable trust?

Feel and share charitable trust always encourages donors to be part of ground activities many of the donors do join, some cannot due to various personal and professional commitments. To contribute you can visit any of the Indian Bank branch in India near you and make a donation in the below mentioned trust bank account.

Account Type: SAVINGS
Account No: 942360542
IFSC Code: IDIB000M059
Bank Branch: Mulund (West) Maharashtra, INDIA

If you wish to donate from abroad to our Indian Bank account, RBI restrictions apply on foreign currency transfer, please visit http://www.indianbank.in for more details.

Can I get income tax benefit when contributed raise funds for feel and share?

No, feel and share charitable trust is certified under Section 12AA(1)(b)(i) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Holding Permanent Account Number (AAATF3272F) and registration of charitable trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 vide Registration No: E-27518. Any donations coming in for now are not eligible for any tax benefits until we are granted 80G from the income tax department.

Where is the feel and share charitable trust registered office located?

Feel and share charitable trust registered office is located at

Does feel and share maintains book of accounts of all donations and expenses made in a financial year?

Yes, and a copy of it can be obtained for personal reference by any of the donor on demand.