Help Below Poverty People With Medicare In Mumbai, Maharashtra

How We Help Below Poverty People With Medicare in Mumbai, Maharashtra

We identify individually and from our personal and professional references and donate medicines, medical equipments, medicare expenses to people who are way below poverty line in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Donations For Medicare in Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Annual Medicine supply to three patients, suffering from mycobacterium TB and heart disease from B.M.C’s T.B. Detection and Treatment Centre, Andheri, Mumbai.
  • Crash Cart for KEM hospital ward, Parel, Mumbai
  • Treatment Bill Fund contribution for 9 Year old fighting fatal disease, Mumbai
  • Medical expense contribution for a Mumbai based girl suffering from TB which ended up with fluid in her brain. With family’s total income of Rs.10000 month she was helpless to pay hospital bills.
  • Treatment Bill Fund contribution for a son’s father suffering from Bladder Tumor and Bone cancer at TATA Cancer hospital, Mumbai.
Note: We never pay/paid cash to any party, we believe, that the money or help in kind should directly reach the needed and not to any individual. Therefore, for any case we always issue a bank cheque in favour of the Hospital or Medicine distributor/provider.